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Compass Athletics 3 Jan Sebastian Drive Sandwch, MA 02644  (508)888-4800

Achieve your goals

While “generic” and “sports specific” programming are the most common in today’s training process , we believe they are a distant second to individualized programming. The philosophy behind an individual program is to first assess the individual’s challenges and strengths. They will lay the foundation upon which a higher level of goal achievement is possible. We will personally work with individuals committed to participating in this process. 

Utilizing unique assessment and evaluation techniques,combined with individualized program design and on-going supervision, We will assist our clients in achieving specific results. This training system was developed by Olympic Strength Coach Ian King, over decades of training elite level athletes. The system is applicable to all ages and levels of fitness. Yet it is powerful enough to achieve gold medal and world record performances at the elite level.

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We are the only King Sports International Training Center in North America utilizing time tested and competition tested philosophies and methods developed by Coach Ian King. All our coaches are mentored through the KSI Coach Mentoring program.


Compass Athletics, is a multi-sport athlete training facility. This amazing 12,500 square foot facility offers

5,000 square feet of open turf area for all field sport skill development as well as speed development for performance in any sport;

1,000 square feet of mat space for skill development in mat sports such as Judo and wrestling as well as flexibility training for all members

a 3,000 square foot Collegiate style weight room featuring Olympic lifting platforms and free weights

a 2,500 square foot Multi-purpose Court Room.  With basketball hoops and volleyball set up.

We offer specific and individualized programs for all ages as well as, birthday parties, indoor turf rental and home school physical education classes.

At Compass Athletics you get more than just a gym you get an education.


What Makes us Different

  • Integrated Approach
  • Professional Physical Preparation Coaches
  • Individual Program Design
  • Flexibility Training
  • Indoor Turf to train skills, speed & agility all year
  • Mat Sports
  • Nutrition Guidance